Your Ticket to… 2020 (in 20+1 Albums)

The Leonard Simpson DuoLSD [Jakarta Records; January 2020]

The pair met in Charles’ hometown of Auckland in 2016 whilst Simpson was on tour, and this wise collaboration is decorated in a psychedelic sound drawn from sampled records within New Zealand’s acid scene of the 1960s and 1970s, as well jazz/rock fusion from the same time period […] The loftiness in Charles’ production is balanced with Simpson’s blunt lyricism that clamps us down to reality.

Having gotten everything out of their system, the Duo end with the long chill-out “Smokin’ Good”. This lush idyllic getaway highlights the sonical range present on LSD, making up for the consistent messaging of confidence, fortitude and loyalty to prevent it from sounding stale.

Matthew Wagaine

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