Your Ticket to… 2020 (in 20+1 Albums)

AKKANAkkan [Foehn RecordsKartel Music Group; December 2020]

BeGun and Ocellot are two of Barcelona’s most revered DJs who met during a trippy trip across the Kalahari Desert. Afterwards these two minds came together as AKKAN, and with this debut album they have created a beautiful, electronic dreamscape filled with quirks. From the outset it incorporates peculiar yet entrancing global beats that can be appreciated intellectually and physically in equal measure. What allows the album to continue outdoing itself all the way to its finish, however, is to increasingly employ emotional depth in its production. It is a depth that leaves you incredibly appreciative of the world in which we live, injecting a need to explore it during a time when it is not feasible. Despite this, AKKAN will no doubt leave you in a positive mood.

Matthew Wagaine