Your Ticket to… 2020 (in 20+1 Albums)

NuriIrun [Shouka; April 2020]

In November 2017, with Drup, Tunisian DJ and producer Nuri showed a new way to interpret and reinterpret North African tradition, enriching it with electro beats, bass, synths and samples delineating the bounds of his very own North-Afrofuturism. 

Three years later, the Copenhagen-based musician has gone even further or better, deeper in his sound exploration. He has built up on his debut and released Irun, a project shaped on Pan-African field recordings, with an even more wide-ranging ear and refined production skills.

So much so that, the result is an impressive and multi-faceted album revealing an intricate songwriting and sound design with special consideration for trance, house and bass music, and ornate, exquisite details recalling long-established music traditions and looking forward to the “Afro-future” at the same time.

Marco Canepari