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Gallery: Arsenal of Sounds #3 w/ Amaraterra + Simo Lagnawi & Gnawa London @ Woolwich Works (London; Friday 4th November 2022)

Photos by Tato Fonseca

It’s been ten days since the latest appointment with Arsenal of Sounds. On the 4th of November, we went fully Mediterranean, welcoming on to the Woolwich Works stage pizzica and gnawa rhythms and imaginary. This was all thanks to the wild musical drive and dedication of Amaraterra and Gnawa London captained by Simo Lagnawi and enriched by the presence of Asmaa Hamzaoui.

To revive some of those moments and invite you to the next episode of the music series going on stage at Woolwich Works in less than three-weeks’ time (Friday 2nd of December featuring Raka and Balamuc), Arsenal of Sounds’ “official photographer” Tato Fonseca put together an equally vivid and jazzy gallery…


Photos ©: Tato Fonseca