Playlist: The Shilla Ensemble X Arsenal of Sounds

On Friday, June 2nd, we will conclude the Asian leg of our Arsenal of Sounds round-the-world journey. Before embarking on the Pacific Ocean crossing, we will make a stopover in Japan and South Korea to showcase two remarkable UK-based acts that bring fresh perspectives to the music traditions of these countries and the broader region.

Taking centre stage at Woolwich Works, Yama Warashi and The Shilla Ensemble will breathe life into an evening of captivating music that will delight both the eyes and ears.

The opening performance will transport us to the Korean Peninsula, the birthplace of the talented musicians who form The Shilla Ensemble. This group seamlessly blends Korean folk songs (minyo) with court music, dance, and contemporary pieces, reflecting their inclusive and profound approach to their country’s rich musical heritage.

To provide insights into their musical vision, we reached out to Hyelim Kim, founder of The Shilla Ensemble, accomplished daegeum (flute) player, composer, and researcher. We asked her to curate a playlist that showcases her inspirations. Explore her selection and get your ticket/s by following THIS LINK.