Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 76 – October 2022

Preview of the album:


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Track List:

1. Baianasystem & Tropkillaz feat. Dog Murras e Vandal – A Mosca [from KillazSystem; Máquina de Louco] 00:00 – 03:25

2. Balaklava Blues – Swallow [from LET ME OUT; Unfit Records] 03:26 – 05:50

3. Tamada – Modis (Remix by El Búho) [from Baba’s VA; Alt Orient] 05:51 – 09:44

4. Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs – Zaide [from Doghouse; Asphalt Tango] 09:45 – 13:26

5. Asian Dub Foundation – Culture Move (Remastered) [from R.A.F.I. Remastered 25th Anniversary Edition; X-Ray Production] 13:27 – 17:49

6. The Brother Moves On – Sphila [from $​/​he Who Feeds You​.​.​.​Owns You; Native Rebel Recordings] 17:50 – 23:28

7. Adomaa – Circus [from Becoming Adomaa; Hakuna Kulala] 23:29 – 27:36

8. Amaraterra – Nazzu Nazzu [from Malvasia] 27:37 – 31:28

9. Conjunto Ingenier​í​a – El Alacran [from Conjunto Ingenier​í​a Compiled by El Dragón Criollo & El Palmas; El Palmas Music] 31:29 – 34:17

10. Me and My Friends – Before I Saw The Sea [from Before I Saw The Sea; Ear Trumpet Music] 34:18 – 39:42

11. Kutiman – High & Dry [from Open] 39:43 – 42:50


We don’t highlight enough the significance of the songs we include in our compilations. We usually focus our attention on their rhythms, vibes, grooves… But lyrics and meanings are similarly vital when we hand-pick the tunes that will form our monthly selection.

So, for the 76th episode of our mix, we wanted to move the spotlight on words, verses and lines.

That’s why we looked at some momentous songs from Brazil with the renewed collaboration between Baianasystem and Tropkillaz, Ukraine (via Canada) with Balaklava Blues, and South Africa with the brand-new single by The Brother Moves On.

We follow up with a brief but intense tour in Eastern Europe visiting the Georgian toastmaster Tamada and Kottarashky in Bulgaria.

But we also seize the moment to rediscover a 25-year-old album, more topical than ever… R.A.F.I. by Asian Dub Foundation, which has just been celebrated with a reissue.

…and we “go intimate” and personal too featuring the new works by Nigerian soulful singer/songwriter Adomaa and Bristol-based big band Me and My Friends.

Then, we wear vintagy lenses to have a look at Southern Italy’s tradition accompanied by Amaraterra and the Venezualan 1950s with Conjunto Ingeniería.

Closing with a smooth and dreamy instrumental tune by Tel Aviv-based music enchanter Kutiman.

So, set your feet, hips and legs free, but at the same time, don’t forget your ears and soul when downloading, listening to and enjoying our brand new compilation!


Only available until 06th November 2022