Daily Discovery: Tamada – Jinit

Georgian singer-songwriter and producer Tamada released his sophomore album, 9 Deadly Sins for Tamada, on 4th July 2024 via Alt Orient. Known for blending electronic music with Georgian cultural influences, Tamada’s new album features nine tracks, each representing a unique sin.

A standout track, “Jinit,” explores the theme of lewdness, combining electronic sounds, organic house, brokenbeat and downtempo with reflective lyrics. Written between 2020 and 2024, the album offers a philosophical journey through these newly defined sins, addressing contemporary social issues with Tamada’s signature experimental and catchy style.

Following his 2021 debut Dionysus vs Tamada, 9 Deadly Sins for Tamada continues his exploration of identity, culture, and music, marking a significant point in his artistic development.

You can listen to and download Tamada’s new album HERE