Podcast: Radio Mukambo #475 – Groove Judgement

This week the Toronto-based outfit Battle of Santiago takes us to Cuba for a soundclash between the spirits of the indigenous Afro-American Santería religion and rock grooves. Native percussion and call-and-response vocals encounter with modern production on Queen & Judgement, our cd of the week.

We listen to new singles by The Anthronauts feat. Nongoma (Swiss afrobeat), Leandro Vilela (Brazilian Afro-rock), a collaboration between Ancient Astronauts & BANTU (Germany/Nigeria) and finish off with a lot of reggae, including Mystically (France), Black Am I (Jamaica), Smile Davis (Italy) & Dj Maars (Australia).

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CD of the week: Battle of SantiagoQueen & Judgement


    1. BANTU – Disrupt The Programme
    2. Battle of Santiago – Judgement
    3. The Anthronauts feat. Nongoma – Bully Boys in Power
    4. Kodjovi Kush & Afrospot All Stars – Ewe Blues
    5. Battle of Santiago – King of Fire
    6. Leandro Vilela – Na Estrada
    7. Dub Colossus – Dub will keep us together
    8. Mystically – Iration
    9. Black Am I – The Edge
    10. Smile Davis – Roots The Jewels
    11. Dj Maars – Rocksteady Business
    12. Dj Marrrtin – Enta Humpty
    13. Ancient Astronauts feat. BANTU – Photoshop Reality