Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #98

Nightshop show #98 September via Radio Campus Bxl with 3 hours of new global sounds.

Our songs of the day are by Jaimie Branch and her social jazz (rest in peace) and the band Kutu (France/Ethiopia) and their azmari sound.

Our albums of the month begin with Djibouti folklore by Yanna Momina, Gnawa free-jazz by Montreal/Moroccan group KadefAbgi, Bamako folk funk by BKO from Mali and free-jazz & ambient vibes by Carlos Niño & Friends.

Continuing with albums by Belgian group ComproOro in contemporary exotica psyche, Colombian groups MeridianBrothers & GrupoRenacimiento with experimental social salsa, A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa, showcasing endangered birds with compositions by contemporary African artists.

Ending the show in percussive and electronic vibes with ritual temple songs by AmaliyaGroup from Malawi, heavy percussive Torozebu project by Clap Clap and deep downtempo sounds from South America on compilation ZZK Sound Vol.4.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3CsNK4G

Track list:

Jaimie Branch – Love Song
Kutu – Baamet Beal

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Yanna Momina – Afar Ways (Glitterbeat)
Yanna Momina – Afar Ways
Yanna Momina – Honey Bee
Yanna Momina – Ahiyole (Clapping)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Kadef AbgiDiva Of Devi Loka (Akuphone)
Kadef Abgi – Rahma
Kadef Abgi -Wairhamhomwaya Allah
Kadef Abgi -Sahel

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: BKODjine Bora (Bongo Joe records)
BKO – Toumaro
BKO – Sadiona
BKO – Bamako

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Carlos Niño & Friends – Extra Presence (International Anthem)
In The Moment (with Devin Daniels, Randy Gloss, Jamael Dean and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
Actually (with DeantoniParksJamaelDean and NateMercereau)
Dreamsishappening (featuring Shabazz Palaces,Jamael Dean and Sharada)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Compro OroBuy The Dip (Sdban Records)
Compro Oro – Bitcoins
Compro Oro – Solstice
Compro Oro – Karsilama

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Meridian Brothers & Grupo Renacimiento – S/T (Ansonia Records)
Meridian Brothers & Grupo Renacimiento – Hipnosis
Meridian Brothers & Grupo Renacimiento – Bomba Atomica
Meridian Brothers & Grupo Renacimiento – Metamorfosis

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Various Artists – A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa (Shika Shika)
Acácia Maior Feat. Danae Estrela & Berlok – Raso Lark
Vieux Farka Toure & Luka Productions – Black Crowned Crane
DJ Marfox – São Tomé Grosbeak

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Amaliya Group – Viyezgo: Vimbuza from Mzimba South (Sacral Grooves 1000 Hz)
Amaliya Group – Yimilirani Nganga (Stand strong)
Amaliya Group – Mbili Yawo Yamaliya (The Story Of Maliya)
Amaliya Group – Benula Ey (Open Up, Benula!)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Torozebu – S/T (Black Acre records)
Torozebu – Ox
Torozebu – Meteora
Torozebu – El Campesino

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – ZZK Sound vol.4
Pawkarmayta – QAAQ
Galo Vermelho – Domingo Cura



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