Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #110

Nightshop for October. Two songs of the day from Cabo Verde to Brussels.

Albums of the month by jazz men Alabaster dePlume and Daniel Villareal, Brussels female vocal folk trio Las Lloronas and the spiritual Andean folk by Luzmila Carpio. The compilation The Soul of Congo focuses on Congolese music from the Ngoma label from the 1940’s to 1960’s, Leon Keita 1970’s mandingue recordings via Analog Africa, the compilation Mangle Rojo highlights current contemporary Afro-Colombian music and a compilation of Algerian singer Fadela and her 80’s and 90’s raï sound.

In more electronic vibes, Brussels trio KAU and their jazz meets drum’n’bass sound, Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers who bring electrified voudou rituals in heavy bass sound, Lisbon DJ Doraemon and his batida beats and to finish with a collab downtempo/organica compilation between Chinese label Bié and Shika Shika.

Download here: https://shorturl.at/frtIR

Track list:

Tchiss Lopes – Stranger Já Catem Traboi
Hihats In Trees – Cedar Walk

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Alabaster dePlumeCome With Fierce Grace (International Anthem)
Alabaster dePlume – Sibomandi (feat. Falle Nioke)
Alabaster dePlume – Fall On Flowers
Alabasterr dePlume – Did You Know (feat. Momoko Gill)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Daniel VillarealLados B (International Anthem)
Daniel Villareal – Travelling With
Daniel Villareal – Sunset Cliffs
Daniel Vilareal – Rug Motif

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Las LloronasOut Of The Blue (Muziekpublique)
Las Lloronas – Pequena
Las Lloronas – Naranjos
Las Lloronass – Tourbillon

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Luzmila CarpioInti Watana: El Retorno del Sol (ZZK records)
Luzmila Carpio – Kacharpayita
Luzmilla Carpio – Chakana Sagrada
Luzmila Carpio – La Alegria del Gran Venado
Luzmilla Carpio – Sumaq Kawsay Mañarimuy – Pide un Buen Vivir

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – The Soul of Congo Treasures of the Ngoma label 1948-1963 (Planet Ilunga)
Adou Elenga, ndeko na ye Mousaidi Louis na Groupe Rythmique Ngoma – Mokili Ekobaluka
Martha Badibala, Carolina Mpia na Goupe Rhythmique Ngoma – Ba Mbanda Basuani
Paul Mwanga accompagné par les orchestres Beguen Band & Affeinta Jazz – Yoka Mwanga
Albino Kalombo & l’Orchestre Beguen Band – Kamungule

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Leon KeitaAnalog Africa Dance Edition 16 (Analog Africa)
Leon Keita – Diarabi Mana
Leon Keita – Dalaka

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Mangle Rojo vol.2 (Banfore Records / Mambe Negro Records )
Maria La Marimbera feat. Nidia Gongora – Ouyalé
La Chirrimía Balsámica feat. Alexis Play – Bunde Jabalí
Ghetto Kumbé feat. Marciana Sajonero – Candelaria

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: FadelaMahlali Noum (Elmir Records)
Fadela – Ache Adani Ya Ma (What Got Into Me)
Fadela – Rabi Ikhalesse (God Will Bless You)
Fadela – Mahlali Noum (Insomnia)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: KAUThe Cycle Repeats (Sdban Records)
KAU – Kampala
KAU – Amulet
KAU – Little Steps

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Chouk Bwa & The AngstromersSomanti (Bongo Joe Records)
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers – Agwetawoyo
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers – Sala
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers – Viyaya Keke

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DJ DoraemonRaizes EP (Basy Tropikalne)
DJ Doraemon – 1 Raizes
DJ Doraemon – 2 Deusa Negra

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – bié records meets Shika Shika (Shika Shika)
Sun Dawei – Fú Xiao (DJ Raff remix)
DaYe – Jí (El Buho remix)
Lim Giong – Water Wave Song (Barrio Lindo remix)





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