Musical Road to Womex 2023 – JINJ

And here we are, back on the Road to Womex after a year’s hiatus…

Just like in 2021 and 2022, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the talent lighting up the nights at the World Music Expo.

In the weeks leading up to Womex’s official launch in A Coruña on the 25th of October, we’ll be acquainting you with the musicians and bands selected by the 7 Samurai for the showcase programme.

Our first spotlight shines on a duo whose sound transcends genres and styles…

JINJ is a duo consisting of French-born Sevana Tchakerian and Armenia-born Gor Tadevosyan. They’re pioneers of the “Armo-beat” genre, blending Armenian folk with 808 beats, shepherd’s flutes and hip-hop rhymes, drawing inspiration from Armenia’s diverse landscapes and culture.

Born from a shared desire to use music as a healing force in their war-torn homeland, JINJ emerged from Sevana and Gor’s work leading workshops for Armenian refugees. Through their music, they celebrate the resilience of their community. The name “JINJ,” meaning “serene” in Armenian, encapsulates their guiding spirit.

Could you briefly introduce your music to someone new at Womex and share the key influences and origins of your unique sound?

JINJ plays Armo-Beat, which is a genre name we created, combining Armenian folk sounds and rhythms with electronic or hip-hop beats. We are equally inspired by the breeze of nature, the rural life, very organic sounds that we find within Armenian folk, and the pulse of the city, electrified and electronic sounds and raging beats. JINJ is born from this duality.

Could you share a personal anecdote or experience that significantly impacted your musical journey and the evolution of your sound?

Armenians are like pomegranate seeds, our people’s history and stories of exile has spread us a little bit everywhere around the globe. For instance, I am born in France, from diasporan-Armenian parents from Iran and Lebanon, and roots from Central Anatolia to South Caucasus.

Recently, I toured around the Black Sea region in modern-day Turkey and had the honour to meet with Hamshens, a community of Armenians who were converted to Islam by the Ottomans two centuries ago and lived secluded in the mountains. Meeting them was very emotional, it was like finding long-lost cousins, learning about one part of our culture that was kept away from us. Playing with them inspired us to incorporate their language and sounds in our new repertoire.

In a world full of diverse musical genres, styles, and traditions, how do you believe your music stands out and brings something fresh and exciting to the audience’s ears?

JINJ is a sonic and visual proof that freedom of creation and heritage appreciation can complement each other.

A concert and a village dance party are both communal experiences, the audience is entranced together, around the beat, the call of the zurna… JINJ explores this common denominator, the trance effect meaning from our indigenous music.

We bring the energy of an Armenian village wedding on stage… with a twist! 

As Womex is not only a Worldwide Music Expo but also a lively global music funfair, are there any showcases you’re looking forward to attending and enjoying or artists participating that you would like to meet during those five days?

The beauty of WOMEX is that you are exposed to great music from all around the world… We will try to attend many showcases. On the top of our heads we are looking forward to hearing Puuluup from Estonia, Kin’Gongolo Kiniata from Kinshasa, Les Héritières from North Africa, Symbio from Sweden… 

This edition of Womex will take place in A Coruña. Have you ever been there, and is there anything specific you’re looking forward to doing, visiting, eating, and/or drinking in the Spanish city?

This is the first time we will be in A Coruña. Besides enjoying WOMEX and the amazing line-up, if we have time we do want to enjoy the beaches as much as we can, eat seafood, drink wine and watch the sunset at the Torre de Hercules!

Womex is a unique opportunity to share and showcase your music with new people and inform them about your upcoming projects. Could you reveal some of your plans for the future?

We are currently writing and recording new music and are eager to share with our audience this upcoming year.

If you had to draft an invitation card for our readers to join you at Womex and enjoy your showcase, what would you write in it?

An electrifying trip to the Armenian mountains… Come join!

(answered by Sevana Tchakerian on behalf of JINJ)




- JINJ will be performing on the offWOMEX Stage (PALEXCO) on Friday 27th October from 00:45AM -




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