Musical Road to Womex 2022 – Duo Ruut

And we reached the very last stage of our Musical Road to Womex, our section discovering and introducing you to some of the acts who will be performing in Lisbon as part of The Official Showcase Selection of Womex 2022. 

We set things in motion in Brazil with Bia Ferreira, then South Africa with Pilani Bubu. We went to South Korea where we met groove&, and across the Pacific Ocean arrived in Chile for La Brigida Orquestra. We also reached North America and in Mexico we caught up with Son Rompe Pera… Finally, for the sixth and last episode of this year’s Road to Womex, we returned to Europe to enjoy the soothing melodies of Duo Ruut.

The Estonian duo, formed by singer/songwriters and zither (kannel) players Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane, has quickly built its name in the alternative folk music scene thanks to the minimalist and rarefied atmospheres of their compositions, dedication to their Baltic roots and uplifting vocal harmonies.

Katariin and Ann-Lisett just released a new single (and relative lyrics video) titled “Liisa Pehmes Süles” and in anticipation of their set at Womex, we reached them for a Q&A and playlist.


Can you briefly introduce your music to someone who  is going to listen to it for the first time at Womex?

Our music portrays the very essence of the old traditional music in a modern and innovative way. By inventing our own way of playing, the music casts a spotlight on one of the oldest Estonian traditional instruments, bringing it to life and creating fascinating soundscapes. 

Who and what are your music influences and where does your sound come from?

We are two musicians of fairly different backgrounds, so both of us have different sources of inspiration, making it possible for both to bring different ideas to the table. This is why making music never ceases to be interesting and challenging for us. Our music is influenced by jazz, classical, pop and folk music, so it all creates a fascinating blend on the Estonian zither.

As well as a Worldwide Music Expo, Womex is a good and proper global music fun fair. Is there anything you are looking forward to attending/enjoying during those five days?

Womex is definitely one of the most important and exciting events of the year for us. We expect to meet many inspiring people and good music there and have a good time. Also we have prepared a great show and we look forward to sharing our music with everyone.

This Womex edition will happen in Lisbon. Have you ever been there and is there anything you are looking forward to doing/visiting/eating or drinking in the Portuguese capital?

We have never been to Lisbon before. We visited Womex last year in Porto and enjoyed that part of Portugal very much, so we are excited to see Lisbon this year. Of course we are also looking forward to drinking some good Portuguese wine and trying the local dishes!

Womex is a unique opportunity to share and showcase your music with new people and let them know about your upcoming projects. Can you reveal to us some of your plans for the future?

Although we have been touring around quite a lot this year, we have also been busy writing new awesome music, which will most likely be released as an album already next year. At our showcase at Womex, we have picked out some of the older hits from previous albums, but we will also perform a few of the unreleased and newly released songs. With the new music, we are switching some things up and experimenting with new sounds, so we are thrilled to give a sneak peek to the fresh music at our showcase.

We also have some very cool concerts coming up out there, for example at Transmusicales in France.

Let’s say that you have to draft an invitation card for our readers to join you at Womex and enjoy your showcase. What would you write in it?

Come and join us on this magical journey of arhaic sounds of tomorrow!


- Duo Ruut will be performing on the Daycase Stage at the Altice Arena 
on Thurday 21st from 14:15 till 15:15 -

Photo ©: Ako Lehemets



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