Mukambo Mixtape – Let’s Felabrate 2021

For the second year in a row, Mukambo and NYP Records teamed up to prove the global afrobeat scene is more alive than ever. Mukambo compiled 21 bands from the four corners of the earth, bringing their own blend of afrobeat to pay tribute to the Black President Fela Kuti and maestro drummer Tony Allen. This mixtape puts the spotlights on the compilation but also includes some tracks that didn’t make it (because of copyright issues) and some brand new tracks that just came out!

#afrobeatnogodie #felalives

You can download the mixtape here:


  1. Vito Lalinga – Kalakuta
  2. Jumbo System – My Own Drum
  3. The Anthronauts – Game Changer
  4. Fela Soul – More Than U Know (Amerigo Gazaway 10th Anniversary Remix)
  5. The Mabon Dawud Republic feat. Dele Sosimi – Na Lie
  6. Nubiyan Twist feat. Pat Thomas – Ma Wonka
  7. Eparapo feat. Dele Sosimi – Black Lives Matter
  8. Daniel Dzidzonu – Va MiDzo
  9. Yaaba Funk – Nyash! E Go Bite You!!
  10. Femi Koya – Babalawo
  11. Mzee feat. Femi Koya – My Teacher Taught Me Nonsense (A Tribute to Fela Kuti)
  12. Okwei Odili & Aweto Band – Chop Your Moni Go
  13. Àbáse feat. Jadson Xabla, Jorge Dubman & Fanni Zahár – Agangatolú
  14. Abayomy – Adara
  15. Luka Afrobeat Orquesta – Wetiko
  16. Tabó Afrobeat – Mandril
  17. Raul Monsalve y los Forajidos feat. Betsayda Machado – Mosquito
  18. Lindigo – Domoun
  19. Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble – Mamari (Rafael Aragon remix)



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