Daily Discovery: Periscopi Invertit – Ball de l’àliga

Periscopi Invertit, founded and led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Mireia Carbonell, incorporates Catalan folk, North African rhythms, and jazz into their music, offering a blend of traditional melodies with contemporary funk, Latin, and jazz elements. Their musical inspiration draws from Barcelona’s 1970s underground music scene known as “Ona Laietana.”

“Ball de l’àliga” is the latest single from this London-based ensemble, illustrating their ability to seamlessly integrate various cultural influences into a unified musical composition. The track stands out for its engaging flute and oud interplay, woven into complex percussion patterns,, reflecting the band’s modern, multicultural musical evolution.

You can listen to and obtain your copy of the single, taken from Amèlia, the upcoming debut EP of the band HERE