Event Preview: Arsenal of Sounds #4 w/ Raka & Balamuc @ Woolwich Works (London; Friday, 2nd December 2022)

All aboard the Balkan Express!

Hop on board a rhythmical and fun-filled musical journey through Eastern European and Near East traditions accompanied by Raka and Balamuc.

The departure time is scheduled for 8PM on Friday the 2nd of December from the Beanfeast at Woolwich Works, and for the following three hours, you will be led on a rapturous tour exploring the rootsiest and danciest repertoires of the Balkans and beyond.

Both Raka and Balamuc have dedicated their music careers to letting the Danube’s soundwaves flow on the Thames too. Indeed, they brought to London the most authentic and organic aspects of the Eastern European music traditions, jazzing them up with sparks and twists influenced by the kaleidoscopic music scene of the British capital.

So, for the December appointment with Arsenal of Sounds, join us at Woolwich Works for a musical crossing of the Balkans!



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