Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 77 – November 2022

Preview of the album:


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Track List:

  1. Nomade OrquestraFelag Mengu In Versão [from Na Terra Das Primaveras; Morning Birds Music] 00:00 – 04:52

2. Dub Caravan & Mohamad Fityan – Reggae Sharqi [from Reggae Sharqi] 04:53 – 09:08

3. Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno – Jopango [from Jopango] 09:09 – 13:55

4. Barzo & Claridad – Sale Lindo [from Sale Lindo; Lactéo Cósmico] 13:56 – 17:26

5. Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon feat. Wiyaala – Senye (Ben Gomori Remix) [from Senye Ben Gomori Remix; Wah Wah 45s] 17:27 – 22:36

6. Son Palenque – Dame Un Trago [from Trotamundo del Sabor; Palenque Records] 22:37 – 26:58

7. Moncho y Su Banda – Las 12 [from Que Bellas Son; El Palmas] 26:59 – 31:01

8. Wesli – Ba Li La Vi (Remix) [from Tradisyon; Cumbancha] 31:02 – 33:50

9. Meral Polat Trio – Bile Bile [from Ez Ki Me; AudioMaze] 33:51 – 39:02

10. Raka – Pravo Horo [from Raka] 39:03 – 43:24

11. Balamuc – Tzigane Heureux [from Yedi Kedi] 43:25 – 45:38


Fancy a journey in sound? The 77th episode of our monthly compilation is ready to take you on a 45-minute tour in notes and rhythms from all over the world.

Download our mix (for free) and embark on a musical adventure to discover some of the most striking and refreshing tunes released in the last few months, weeks and even days. 

You will travel accompanied by Nomade Orquestra and their Afro-Brazilian smooth upbeats followed by Middle Eastern dub grooves by Dub Caravan & Mohamad Fityan. Then, more tradition-bound sounds from Eastern Africa with Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno and a genre-defying highlife-inspired tune courtesy by Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon remixed by Ben Gomori. 

There is also space for Meral Polat and her trio with their jazzy Kurdish psychedelic rock and vintage Afro-Latin scents from the Colombian Caribbean Coast with Son Palenque and Venezuela thanks to Moncho y Su Banda.

…And you will eventually dance to far-reaching global beats from Costa Rica and Argentina with Barzo and Claridad, savour positive Afro-Haitian rootsy flavours offered by Wesli and, as part of the corner dedicated to our upcoming Arsenal of Sounds event series, pan-Balkan party vibes by Raka and Balamuc.

Not much else to add, apart from… Start packing, click on the download button and join us in a round the (music) world flight!




– Only available until 06th December 2022 –