Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 75 – September 2022

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Track List:

Kadialy Kouyate – Nianal Jam / Pray For Peace [from Ninal Jam EP] 00:00 – 03:34

Kham Meslien – La Couleur (Elbows of the Land) feat. Anthony Joseph [from Fant​ô​mes​.​.​. FutursHeavenly Sweetness] 03:35 – 09:15

Antonis Antoniou – Zeybek Anark [from Throisma] 09:16 – 13:10

Addictive TV – Ribab Jam [from Ribab JamOrchestra Of Samples] 13:11 – 16:55

Wau Wau Collectif – Xale (Toubab Dialaw Kids Rhyme) [from MariageSahel Sounds] 16:56 – 20:28

Emin GökDen ZeBurak Küçük – Arc Of The Sun [from Arc Of the SunAlt Orient] 20:29 – 25:11

Amitai Aricha & D-ONE Project – His Face [from His Face] 25:12 – 32:14

Raz & Afla – Kye Kye Kule [from The CycleMawimbi Records] 32:15 – 37:54

Oriental Brothers International Band – Anyi Abiala Ozo [from Oku Ngwo Di Ochi; Palenque Records] 37:55 – 47:26

Los Cotopla Boyz – Train from Cotopla [from Mammaron Vol.1AYA Records] 47:27 – 51:42

Imperio Bamba – My Favourite Things [from Mis Cosas Favoritas; Xaman Records] 51:43 – 54:52




After a pretty intense and eventful September, we all need some peace of mind and comforting vibes to soothe us.

So, for once, we left the dancy and rhythmic instincts aside and put together a heartening and balmy compilation. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the upbeats, but the focus is on the listening and receiving…

That’s how we fell in love and picked for you the new tunes by London-based Senegalese kora player Kadialy Kouyate, and by former Lo’Jo double bass player Kham Meslien, also featuring no less than Anthony Joseph.

And the latest single by Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke founder, Cypriot music wizard Antonis Antoniou. Speaking of wizards, we also included a track from Orchestra of Samples’ music cauldron and the West African avant-garde cosmic sounds of Wau Wau Collectif.

The 75th episode of our mix also focuses its attention on Middle Eastern sounds, thanks  to the organic house/downtempo collaboration between Emin Gök, Den Ze and Burak Küçük or the Yemenite Jews’ traditional sounds revived by Amitai Aricha and D-ONE Project.

Finally, a bit of Afro-house by a forward-looking collaborative project Raz & Afla and Igbo highlife with the legendary guitar-driven Nigerian band Oriental Brothers International, followed by an immersion in Latin vibes with Colombian tropicanibals Los Cotopla Boyz, and the airy grooves by another London-based act, Imperio Bamba.

And as we usually say… download the latest episode of our compilation, sit back and relax


Only available until 06th October 2022