Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 68 – February 2022

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Every once in a while, we like to linger and chill out in our backyard, as it happened with the 68th episode of our monthly compilation. As a matter of fact, in the latest instalment of our mix, we mainly focussed our antennae on new sounds coming from the UK.

Still, we haven’t forgotten to enhance it with some “exotic” vibes, and as well as far-reaching tunes from London and beyond, among the 11 tracks you will also enjoy tunes coming from Nigeria, South Korea (via France), the Nigerien Sahara Desert, and Italy.

So take a deckchair, stretch out your legs, download our compilation and keep us company in the Rhythm Passport music backyard.


Track List:

1. K.O.G. – Ayinye [from Zone 6, Agege; Heavenly Sweetness] 00:00 – 03:35

2. Juanita Euka – Mboka Moko [from Mabanzo; Strut Records] 03:36 – 08:06

3. Hackney Colliery Band – Flood (feat. Yvette Riby-Williams, Selena Seballo & Joanna Christie) [from Flood] 08:07 – 12:22

4. LNDFK – Takeshi [from Kuni; Bastard Jazz Recordings] 12:23 – 16:28

5. Haya Zaatry – Ishtar | هيا زعاترة – عشتار [from Rahawan] 16:29 – 20:39

6. Yama Warashi – Makkuroi Mizu [from Crispy Moon; PRAH Recordings] 20:40 – 26:34

7. Baeshi Bang & Ip Koa Son – KANG KANG SULLAE 강강술래 [from KANG KANG SULLAE 강강술래; Muju Records] 26:35 – 32:30

8. The Scorpios – Mashena: We Went [from Let’s Go] 32:31 – 35:32

9. Etran de L’Aïr – Tchingolene [from Agadez; Sahel Sounds] 35:33 – 38:42

10. Atongo Zimba – Hello (feat. Paco Mendoza) [from A to Z] 38:43 – 43:27

11. Aguanedo Nnewi – Uwa Emebigo [from Onyemaechi; Palenque Records / Upright Music Production] 43:28 – 1:00:39



Only available until 07th March 2022