Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 62 – July 2021

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Summery vibes anyone?

No matter the weather and what’s happening around, summer is in full swing. So, we try to be as sunshiny as possible here at Rhythm Passport.

How? By squeezing into our July compilation plenty of warm and brilliant sounds to inspire your late July and August days.

The 62nd episode of our monthly mix indeed enjoys loads of smoothness and excellent music.

Starting with the jazzy elegance of the all-star collaboration between Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, followed by the almost immaterial melodies for voice, kora and guitar offered by Seckou Keita and Baba Maal.

Refinement is also a main feature of Turkish-French electro-pop duo Kit Sebastian, and the Brazilian combo formed by Saulo Duarte and Luedji Luna.
When it comes to heart-warming feelings, Sangit and his inclusive sound perfectly fits the bill and the same goes for the “unconventional” and funky German steel band Bacao Rhythm. While in a more dilated and lulling mood are Tuareg rockers Tarwa N-Tiniri.

We then visit Latin America for an ethereal downtempo tune by Peruvian Tribillin Sound, part of an inspiring educational project promoted by the Berlin label Eck Echo (find out more HERE), followed by a South America meets Middle East collaboration by Colombian-Egyptian duo Carthnage, Argentinian vocalist Dat Garcia and Brussels-based Rafael Aragon.
Every summer compilation worthy of its name can’t help but include some  full-flavoured upbeats. So, we close the 62nd episode of our monthly mix with reggae and dub delicacies courtesy of Navarran Iseo & Dodosound and from the Negev Desert, Kutiman.
Bring new vibes to your summer downloading (for free) and enjoying our monthly compilation!

Track List:

  1. Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, & Adrian Younge – Ethiopian Sunshower [from Brian Jackson JID008; Jazz Is Dead] 00:00 – 03:05

2. Seckou Keita feat Baaba Maal – Homeland [from Homeland] 03:06 – 06:43

3. Tarwa N-Tiniri – Ifaw Ul Nnegh [from Ifaw Ul Nnegh; Atty Records] 06:44 – 11:16

4. Saulo Duarte feat. Luedji Luna – Lumina [from Lumina; YB Music] 11:17 – 15:03

5. Sangit – Vem Vem [from Vem Vem; Cumbancha] 15:04 – 19:12

6. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Blow Your Cover [from Expansion; Big Crown Records] 19:13 – 21:46

7. Kit Sebastian – Agitate [from Melodi; Mr Bongo] 21:47 – 26:13

8. Kutiman – Guruji [from Guruji] 26:14 – 30:04

9. Tribilin Sound – Condorcanqui [from Radio Amazonia; Eck Echo] 30:05 – 34:28

10. Carthnage & Dat Garcia – La Sequía (Rafael Aragon Remix) [La Sequía EP; Salgari Records] 34:29 – 40:17

11. Iseo & Dodosound – Arigato [from Arigato; Twin Cats Records] 40:18 – 44:23


Only available until 06th August 2021