Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #105

Nightshop April, with Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru who passed away end of march and a zouk tune from Guadeloupe.

We have 12 (!) albums of the month, starting with spiritual jazz by Syrian-French artist Naïssam Jalal, followed by Brussels group schroothoop and their special junk jazz sound, French-Malian duo Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibé with spiritual strings, Belgian band Gaïsha with psychedelic rock & grooves sung in Arabic.

Entoto Band by musicians from Ethiopia and Eritrea bringing Ethio classics, David Walters explores afro disco & funk and Belgian band Bernard Orchestar brings electro balkan brass in oriental bass.

To end the show, Jamaican producer Gavsborg and his deep post-dancehall, DJ Kapwanthi from Malawi and his hyper-beats, Ozferti brings his electronic afro club sound, Brussels producer Le Motel w/ Nigerian rapper Magugu and Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon bring afro-bass fire.

Download: bit.ly/3UQJfsk

Track list:

Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru – Mother’s Love
Henry Wenceslas Thenard – Miaou

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Naïssam JalalHealing Rituals (Les Couleurs Du Son)
Naïssam Jalal – Rituel du Soleil
Naïssam Jalal – Rituel des Collines

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: schroothoopMacadam (Sdban Records / Rebel Up)
schroothoop – Cheval Orange
schroothoop – Tanz der Quallen
schroothoop – Broeihaard

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibé – Sokou! (Helico Music)
Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibé – Fulbé
Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibé – Black Sky
Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibé – Farka

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: GaïshaAna Aïcha (Zephyrus Records)
Gaïsha – Ana Aïcha
Gaïsha – Ya Majnoun
Gaïsha – Ya Naghlate El Blouh

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Entoto BandEntoto Band (Guitar Globetrotter Recordings)
Entoto Band – Hedetuch Alu
Entoto Band – Aykedashim Libe

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: David WaltersSoul Tropical (Heavenly Sweetness)
David Walters – Di Yo (feat. Flavia Coelho)
David Walters – Vansé Carnival
David Walters – La Vi A Bel

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Bernard OrchestarClimax (Vlad Music / Rebel Up records)
Bernard Orchestar – Casual Halal
Bernard Orchestar – Qu’est-ce Qu’il Faut Croire?
Bernard Orchestar – Ratatatak

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Gavsborg1 Hour Service (Cassette Blair)
Gavsborg – She Sings Something
Gavsborg – A Dancing Crustacean At The Bus Station Feat Tóke
Gavsborg – Live At Patch Point Berlin

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DJ KapwanthiDigital Indigenous 04: MP4MP3 (1000HZ Digital Indigenous)
DJ Kapwanthi – MP4MP3
DJ Kapwanthi – MOVMP3

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: OzfertiDrum Language (Nubia Nova)
Ozferti – Neon Jungle
Ozferti – Bongo Bleep
Ozferti – Come To Dust

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Magugu x Le MotelKindness Weaknes EP (Maloca Records)
Magugu x Le Motel – On Topper
Magugu x Le Motel – Kindness Weakness

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Swordman Kitala & Tim KarbonSKTK (Promesses)
Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon –Dingidingi Dole
Swordman Kitala & Tim Karbon –Kalamide



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