Podcast: Rebel Passport at Babel XP with Meral Polat

Rhythm Passport holders, welcome to the world of Rebel Passport, our podcast series in collaboration with Brussels-based collective Rebel Up, dedicated to shining a light on extraordinary musicians from all corners of the music world.

Recently, we turned our attention to the incredible artists who participated in Babel XP 2023 in Marseille.

In our latest episodes, we had the honour of hosting Lucas Santana, the Brazilian singer/songwriter and Tropicalia icon. Followed by the colourful sounds of Dowdelin, a Lyon-based band that blends electronica, funk, jazz, and French West-Indies influences.

In this new chapter, we are privileged to introduce Meral Polat, a Dutch actress and  singer/songwriter with Kurdish. and Alevi origins.

We sat down with her just a few hours before her showcase at Docks du Sur and during our conversation, we delved into the stories behind her latest album, Ez Kî Me, and explored the deep connection between her Kurdish heritage and her musical expression. We also discovered more about the vibrant Amsterdam cultural scene that nurtures her artistry.

To enhance our conversation, Meral handpicked a few tunes that will offer you a glimpse into her musical world.

So, sit back, relax, and welcome aboard to a brand new episode of Rebel Passport!

Track list:

  1. Meral Polat Trio – Bile Bile
  2. Meral Polat Trio – Ez Kî Me
  3. Meral Polat Trio -Elqajiyê
  4. Meral Polat Trio – Hewar Xwudê
  5. Sakiro – Hewar Xwudê
  6. Selda Bağcan – Yuh Yuh



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