Podcast: Rebel Passport at Babel XP with Dowdelin

Rhythm Passport holders welcome on board and thank you for tuning in to Rebel Passport, our podcast series in collaboration with Brussels-based collective Rebel Up shining a light on the talented musicians and bands participating in Babel XP.

In the first episode from Marseille, we had the privilege of hosting no less than Tropicalia and MPB icon Lucas Santana.

Now, for our second instalment, get ready for a captivating journey that spans the Caribbean and Europe as we introduce you to Dowdelin, a Lyon-based band with roots in Guadeloupe, Martinique, France, and Armenia.

This incredible four-piece ensemble, known as ‘Creole Afro-Futurists’, will mesmerise you with their unique blend of electronic, jazz, and French West-Indies sounds.

During our conversation with Olivia and David, we discussed Dowdelin’s latest album, Lanmou Lanmou, which is now available through Underdog Records. Plus, we’ll treat you to some of their favourite tunes and share a Lyon-inspired global-local playlist compiled by David himself

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey!


  1. DowdelinLanmou
  2. Dowdelin – Mama Wé (feat. Vaudou Game)
  3. Dowdelin – Simé Love
  4. NNAVY – Come and Get It
  5. Dowdelin – I Like to Move It (Move It Cover)


Lyon Global Grooves Playlist

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Photos ©: JP Gimenez