Podcast: Radio Mukambo #538 – Groove 4 Water

Join the groove train to Ghana for wonderful fusion of highlife and afrobeat by Saltpond City Band. The 8-piece outfit led by Ebo Taylor‘s son, the keyboardist and lead vocalist Henry Taylor, delivers our album of the week on Boko a Ko.

Radio Mukambo also serves Afro-Mexican music released by Matanga Records, a “water for all” fundraiser by Omar Perry and new singles from around the globe.

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Saltpond City BandBoko a Ko

Compilation of the week: VA – Love Nuh Easy Riddim

1. Parranda La Cruz – Parranda La Cruz
2. Saltpond City Band – Akwaa Braa
3. Saltpond City Band – Mennbo Wobi
4. Omar Perry – Go 4 Water
5. TriXstar & Skarra Mucci – Love Nuh Easy
6. Dionne Reid – Boom
7. Tunkuy feat. Man After Man & Darío Abdala – Crux Australis
8. King Edi K – Shake & Bake
9. Siddha-Funk – Big Night
10. Saltpond City Band – Mbaa Basaa
11. Vincent Ahehehinnou – Bozan
12. Yamäya – Farawané
13. schroothoop – Cascarai
14. The Loire Valley Calypsos & Rotunda Breaks feat. Bia Lética – Tinkle Bell (Rotunda Breaks Remix)



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