Podcast: Radio Mukambo #494 – Refugee Encounters

M’berra is the story of a collective of Malian musicians from the M’berra Refugee Camp in southeast Mauritania meeting Italian producer and electro-shaman Khalab in a tent city rising out of the desert, out of nothingness, at the border with Mali in West Africa. Brought together by spirit and circumstance, the group’s Arab and Touareg members find solace and beauty in music and song. M’Berra is our album of the week.

Radio Mukambo also pays tribute to George Floyd through music & listen to new sounds by Kolonel Djafaar (ethiojazz), KUNTA (hip-hop), Echoes of Zoo (adrenaline jazz), Semblanzas del Río Guapi (marimba) & The Busy Twist (African beats).

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Album of the week: Khalab & M’berra EnsembleM’berra


  1. Khalab & M’berra Ensemble – We Are M’berra
  2. The Abyssinians – African Race
  3. Eparapo feat. Dele Sosimi – Black Lives Matter
  4. Francesco Riotta feat. Chris Obehi – Hurry up!
  5. Super Black – ChampetaMan a Berry Dem
  6. Kolonel Djafaar – Lamentation
  7. Echoes of Zoo – Diversionary Tactics
  8. Semblanzas del Río Guapi – Llora la tierra
  9. Khalab & M’berra Ensemble – Moulan Shakur
  10. Delinquent Habits feat. Michelle – Que Vuelva
  11. KUNTA – Anything Goes
  12. The Busy Twist feat. Daniel & Gonora Sounds – The Journey Of Life Remix (Radio Edit)
  13. Khalab & M’berra Ensemble – Curfew



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