Podcast: Radio Mukambo #491 – Tribal Futurism

Guedra Guedra‘s debut LP Vexillology is kicking down borders, offering listeners an experience made from hypnotic and rhythmic arrangements rooted in ancient cultures. From his Casablanca studio, the Moroccan genre-defying producer serves an elevation of tribal consciousness and underground futurism. Vexillology is album of the week on Radio Mukambo, out on On the Corner.

We also listen to new albums by Nubiyan Twist (UK), Son Palenque (Colombia), DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar (Brazil), Ancient Astronauts (Germany), Ikoqwe (Portugal/Angola) & beyond.

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Album of the week: Guedra GuedraVexillology


  1. Guedra Guedra – Stampede Step
  2. Nubiyan Twist feat. Pat Thomas – Ma Wonka
  3. Matjé – Sur Mon Dos
  4. Electric Mamba – Zingo
  5. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Nietzsche Era Triste Porque Nunca Foi Numa Macumba / Celebração
  6. Nubiyan Twist feat. K.O.G. – If I Know
  7. Guedra Guedra – When I Run
  8. Brothers of Brass – Freedom
  9. Son Palenque – Adios Batata (Kitoko version)
  10. Ancient Astronauts – We Are To Answer
  11. Ancient Astronauts feat. Blessed San – Do It To The Beat
  12. Guedra Guedra – Seven Poets
  13. Ikoqwe – Outra Cidade (Another Town)
  14. Ikoqwe – Quarentena
  15. Ikoqwe – The End (Kamicasio)