Podcast: Radio Mukambo #489 – Afro-Colombian Take-Over

Plenty of Afro-Colombian music on Radio Mukambo this week. Starting with the marimba and percussion driven Batea, debut album by Bejuco, a powerful band rooted in the Colombian Pacific with a fresh and contemporary feeling. We also listen to a new single by Abelardo Carbono x Meridian Brothers and a new EP by Son Palenque, the maestros of San Basilio de Palenque.

We also listen to new music by Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience (afrobeat from France), NOMÅGIK (Touareg beats from Athens), DJ Tudo from Brazil, Irie Ites x Eek-A-Mouse (reggae) and beyond!

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Album of the week:  BejucoBatea


  1. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Quero a Pancada Motor / Alegria
  2. Bejuco – Campesino
  3. Abelardo Carbono feat. Meridian Brothers – La Cumbia Sampuesana
  4. Mario y sus Diamantes – Santo Domingo
  5. Son Palenque – Pe Un Pe
  6. Bejuco – Batea
  7. NOMÅGIK – Darbani
  8. Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience – Twenty Four Seven
  9. Bejuco – Agua
  10. Electric Jalaba – Daimla
  11. Irie Ites x Eek A Mouse – Put Dub On The Turntable
  12. S H I R A N – Nifrah Farah (DJ Kobayashi Remix)
  13. Gabacho Maroc – Baraka
  14. Gansan – L’Avis de Zoé