Podcast: Radio Mukambo #483 – One Who Grooves

Azmari is the “one who praises” in Amharic, an Ethiopian singer-musician, comparable to the European bard or the West African griot. The Brussels-based ethiogroove collective is a 21st century version of Azmari, blending African and oriental melodies while providing a fresh take on the ethiojazz sound. Their debut album Samā’ī is album of the week on Radio Mukambo, out on Sdban Ultra / L’Autre Distribution.

We also listen to Brazilian and Jamaican reggae, African hiphop and four tracks of the new NYP Records compilation Global Riddims Volume 4.

You can also support Radio Mukambo via www.mukambo.be/support

Album of the week: AzmariSamā’ī


  1. BANTU – Water Cemetery
  2. Azmari – Tariq Al Sahara
  3. The Bombillas – Ribes
  4. Gaudi – Theremin In Hand
  5. André Sampaio meets Victor Rice – Liberdade
  6. Combo X feat. Valdi Afonjah – Seguindo pela Estrada Iluminada
  7. Azmari – Kugler
  8. Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Neg Ginen
  9. Eletrique Zamba – Voo Do Tempo
  10. Cumbiasound feat. Lis Flores Varela & Boogie Castillo – Maz Paz
  11. Plu Con Pla – Bereju (Frikstailers Remix)
  12. Ancient Astronauts feat. Abramz – Entandikwa
  13. El Gato Negro – Toca y Toca (David Walters remix)
  14. Lee Fry Music feat. El Losada – Respirar
  15. Lindigo – Oyé

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