Podcast: Radio Mukambo #478 – Groove Like An Ethiopian

Quite some ethiogrooves on Radio Mukambo, starting with Eddy & The Ethiopians delivering our cd of the week. II by the collective from Eindhoven is a nice fusion of Ethiopiques (Ethiopian big band styles from the sixties and seventies) with afrobeat, jazz and funk.

We also check out Azmari‘s new single, ethio/oriental groove made in Brussels ++ beastie psyche-jazz by Echoes of Zoo (Belgium). We travel to Latin America with afrobeat by Konkong Afrobeat (Argentina), He K Tombe & Punta Diamante (both from Mexico).

By the end of the podcast we get into global bass with Fokus (Serbian dub), Ozferti (ethiohop) & Max Le Daron (afrobass).

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CD of the week: Eddy & The EthiopiansII


  1. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Hagerey

  2. He K Tombe – Filibusteros

  3. Konkong Afrobeat – Felipe

  4. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Tea With Flea

  5. Azmari – Azalaï
  6. Echoes of Zoo – Adrenaline Run

  7. Punta Diamante – Afrodita vs Tongolele

  8. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Welcome Waltz

  9. Roforofo Jazz – 2Kick1

  10. Fokus – Ion B

  11. Ozferti – Teferra Kassa (Old Tape Edit)

  12. Max le Daron feat. Joey le Soldat, Kwame Write & Gan Gah – Waré

  13. Fokus – Boban’s Delight