Podcast: Radio Mukambo #477 – Groove Gone Irie

We don’t always play reggae on Radio Mukambo, but the truth is we really dig reggae and dub, so this week it’s going to be only reggae music! Starting somewhere between Martinique, Congo and France with our cd of the week, Iration by the female duo Mystically bringing soulful reggae rooted in Africa.

Then we travel through the world discovering cross-cultural projects like Lokkhi Terra from the UK & India, Eddy & The Ethiopians making ethio-reggae in the Netherlands, Jamaican legend Clinton Fearon meeting Vibrações & Lucas Kastrup from Brazil. Dhazed brings a clear decolonized history of Belgium before we switch to dub with the black sisters Dawtas of Aya (Brazil), André Sampaio meets Victor Rice (Brazil), Dub Colossus (UK), Kosmo Sound (Belgium), Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart (Italy/Germany) ++ a new album by Pura Vida (Belgium).

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CD of the week: MysticallyIration


  1. Mystically – Africa
  2. Vibrações & Clinton Fearon meets Lucas Kastrup – Reggae Juntinho
  3. Lokkhi Terra – Baadaam
  4. Eddy & The Ethiopians – Barabics
  5. Dhazed – History of Belgium
  6. Mystically – Heavy Rain
  7. Lokkhi Terra – Bandari
  8. Dawtas of Aya – Deusa Preta
  9. Andre Sampaio meets Victor Rice feat. Okwei Odili – Citizen of the World (Dub remix)
  10. Kosmo Sound – Yeasterday
  11. Mystically – Jah Bless
  12. Dub Colossus – We Stand (instrumental mix)
  13. Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart – Dub Realistic
  14. Pura Vida – Ancestor Spirit Dance
  15. Pura Vida – Tropical Storm