Podcast: Radio Mukambo #465 – Backwoods grooves

With roots in the voodoo backwoods of Benin, Frankosun and The Family from Helsinki (Finland) deliver the cd of the week on Radio Mukambo. Their self-titled debut sounds like a resurrection of the Black President, Fela Kuti!

We focus on the third NYP Records compilation and “African Electronic Diaspora – Black Lives Matter”, a compilation by Rebel Up Records ++ new singles by Ammar 808 (Tunisia), Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos (Venezuela) & La Dame Blanche (Cuba).

You can also support Radio Mukambo via www.mukambo.be/support

CD of the week: Frankosun And The Family


  1. Frankosun And The Family – Welcome to Benin
  2. Supergombo – Aluna
  3. Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – Bocon
  4. AMMAR 808 – Marivere Gati
  5. AMMAR 808 feat. K.L.Sreeram – Mahaganapatim
  6. Frankosun And The Family – Malaria
  7. Blair French – Genes
  8. La Dame Blanche – La Maltratada
  9. Bahama Soul Club feat. Arema Arega – Mango
  10. Contento – Dale Melon
  11. Telefunksoul – AJA-YO (Dj Incidental Remix)
  12. Maga Bo feat. BNegão – Tempos Insanos

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