Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #113

First Nightshop show of 2024, happy new year and a big wish for peace!

2 songs of the day, from France/Cameroon to Belgium/Morocco.

Albums of the month are by Belgian-Syrian trio 3’Ain and their north sea tango folk, Libyan reggae of Ibrahim Hesnawi from the 1980-90’s via the Habibi Funk label, psychedelic Anadolu pop & rock by the Turkish-Danish band AySay and the new album by Yin Yin into Asian psychedelia & disco on Glitterbeat.

Continuing with albums by Ary Lobo and his 1960’s swinging Brazilian baião & forró on Analog Africa, French trio La Seve and their rumba & bikutsi African guitar sound, Brussels trio Don Kapot and their bouncy punk jazz on Werf Records, French-Senegalese group Ndox Electrique and their wolof ritualistic trance rock via the N’doëp community. on Bongo Joe. Tunisian Stambeli bedouin bass sounds by Mettani via Shouka label and ending with Peruvian producer Vitu Valera and Afro-Peruvian bass on Matraca.

Download here: https://shorturl.at/cizNZ

Track list:

Kosmo Sound – Yemala feat. Imane Guemssy
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – Pas Idée

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: 3’AinSea Of Stories (Choux de Bruxelles)
3’Ain – Scrambled Ensor
3’Ain – Tango Soleil du Nord
3’Ain – Perron 0

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ibrahim HesnawiThe Father Of Libyan Reggae (Habibi Funk)
Ibrahim Hesnawi – Kesati
Ibrahim Hesnawi – Al Hob Wa Salam
Ibrahim Hesnawi – Fouha Ya Nesma

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: AySayKÖY (No Bounds Music)
AySay – Dam Üstüne
AySay – Sem Kimsin
AySay – Istanbul

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Yin YinMount Matsu (Glitterbeat)
Yin Yin – The Year Of The Rabbit
Yin Yin – Takahashi Timing
Yin Yin – Tokyo Disko

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ary Lobo1958 1966 (Analog Africa)
Ary Lobo – Movimento da Cidade
Ary Lobo -Pedido a Padre Cicero
Ary Lobo – Bate Malva

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: La SèveChlorophylle (King Tao)
La Sève – Jolie Foret
La Sève – Feuille
La Sève – Foula

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Don Kapot – I Love Tempo (WERF Records)
Don Kapot – Me Pig
Don Kapot – Bernadette

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ndox ElectriqueTedd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang (Bongo Joe)
Ndox Electrique – Lëk Ndau Mbay
Ndox Electrique – Ngor Diouf Ya Demon
Ndox Electrique – Wali Namalé

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Mettani – Taw​ātem (Shouka)
Mettani – Gattous
Mettani – Fakroun
Mettani – Om Bouya

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Vitu ValeraMIGRX (Matraca)
Vitu Valera & Mikongo – BORDON
Vitu Valera & Nicole.Aiff – PAPELITO
Vitu Valera, Opoku, Sean Lewis & HNKT – MIAO




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