Podcast: Rebel Passport at Tallin Music Week
with João Selva

Rhythm Passport holders, welcome on board!

As we approach his very first UK shows, we’ve decided it’s finally time to share our comprehensive conversation about his latest album.

A few months ago, just hours before his showcase at Tallinn Music Week, we had the pleasure of meeting French-based Brazilian singer/songwriter João Selva. We engaged in a unique, track-by-track conversation focused on Passarinho, released in February by Underdog Records.

Passarinho is a contemporary take on the tropicalia revolution of the 70s, blending samba, soul, jazz, and funk.

Across its 10 chapters, the album takes us on a musical journey, blending influences from various regions, including Angolan semba, Cape Verdean funaná, Caribbean zouk, and Congolese rumba, all through the lens of Brazilian rhythms.

Before we risk boring you with more words, let’s shift our focus to the music and invite you to Joao Selva’s upcoming shows:
• 02/11 @ Paper Dress Vintage / London
• 03/11 @ The Jam Jar  / Bristol
• 04/11 @ The Cornish Bank / Falmouth
• 05/11 @ Alphabet / Brighton


Track list:
1. João Selva – Passarinho
2. João Selva – Cantar Cantar
3. João Selva – Seu Carnaval
4. João Selva – Por Um Amor
5. João Selva – Vai Te Curar
6. João Selva – Sete Ventos
7. João Selva – Menina Me Encanta
8. João Selva – Cirandinha
9. João Selva – Chuva
10. João Selva – Mar De Estrelas




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