Playlist: Yama Warashi X Arsenal of Sounds

Only three days left until our next Arsenal of Sounds event takes us to East Asia at the Visitors’ Book Café of Woolwich Works.

After introducing you to the sounds of The Shilla Ensemble, who draw inspiration from Korean folk songs, court music, dance, and contemporary pieces, we now want to shine a light on the second act of our double-bill show.

From South Korea, we will sail on a journey across the Sea of Japan to meet Yama Warashi, an expansive musical project founded by Japanese-born musician and visual artist Yoshino Shigihara in 2015. With the accompaniment of saxophone, guitar, and bass, Yoshino takes on the roles of keyboardist, percussionist, and vocalist, singing in her mother tongue about diverse topics ranging from mycelium to nuclear power.

Get a glimpse of Yama Warashi’s intriguing music influences while enjoying a playlist compiled by Yoshino and visit THIS PAGE to secure your tickets for the event.