Playlist: Grand Union Orchestra X Arsenal of Sounds

We’ve reached the grand finale of the first season of Arsenal of Sounds, our monthly music series that has taken us on a musical journey around the world, right here in our South-East London haven at Woolwich Works.

Over the past 12 months, starting in September 2022, we’ve ventured across the globe, hosting some of the most captivating “global-local” bands enriching the London music scene.

To draw the season’s curtain, we are honoured to extend an invitation to none other than a UK musical institution: the Grand Union Orchestra, known for their expansive sound and inclusive message.

Founded four decades ago during an era of fervent artistic activism, the ensemble’s rich tapestry of diversity finds expression in their compositions, which narrate stories of migration, freedom, and social justice. With their roots spanning the globe, their music encompasses Indian ragas, Latin American salsa, Chinese melodies, reggae basslines, and a captivating array of influences.

Recently honoured with a Special Award by the All-Party Parliamentary Jazz Group, GUO embodies creativity and collaboration in today’s diverse society.


… And just as we’ve done since the very first Arsenal of Sounds event (LINK #1 & #2), allow us to introduce you to our guests with a playlist they’ve curated for us, featuring their influences, inspirations, and musical preferences.



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  1. Meshell Ndegocello – Free My Heart [Picked by Andres Lafone]
  2. Orquesta Ritmo Oriental – Mena Asi no Se Vale [Picked by Andres Lafone]
  3. Bansangu Orchestra – Sandunga Revisited [Picked by Shanti Jayasinha]
  4. Wynton Marsalis – First Time (Cover) [Picked by Shanti Jayasinha]
  5. Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven of Potato Head Blues – Original recording (1927) [Picked by Tony Haynes]
  6. Tony Haynes and Grand Union – The Radiance of a Thousand Suns [Picked by Tony Haynes]
  7. Chunjiang Huayueye – Spring River Flower Moon Night (Chinese Harp) [Picked by Tony Haynes]
  8. Miles Davis – So What [Picked by Gerry Hunt]
  9. Michel Camilo – Caribe [Picked by Carlos Fuentes]
  10. Randy Crawford – Almaz [Picked by Lucy Rahman]