Podcast: Out of Africa #16

Out Of Africa – An in-depth trip throughout world music and global beats from an African perspective!!

In this show, we travel through the sounds of desert blues, African blues, jazz, afro jazz, and afro-beat!

We kick off the show with a collaboration between Ballaké Cissoko & Camille. In this beautiful song, Ballaké Cissoko, which is from Mali and a virtuous and eximious player of the kora plays the instrument while Camille, a French singer, “deliver lyrics which are a love letter to Ballake’s instrument itself” (quoted from folkradio.co.uk). We stay in Mali for another two songs, from Fatoumata Diawara and Samba Touré, giving us a taste of the desert blues and jazz!

We then move to the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Staff Benda Bilili, which is a group of street musicians. The trip continues only stopping in Lagos, Nigeria, with the great Fela Kuti!

Music is the glue that connects humanity as ONE!

(Aired on the Angolan National Radio on the 4th of August 2021)

  1. Ballaké Sissoko & Camille – Korá [from Djourou; No Format, 2021]
  2. Fatoumata Diawara – Kokoro [from Fenfo; Montuno Producciones Y Eventos, 2018]
  3. Samba Touré Sambalama [from Binga; Glitterbeat, 2021]
  4. Staff Benda BililiJe t´aime [from Bouger Le Monde; Crammed Discs, 2009]
  5. Nina SimoneSinnerman [from Nina at the Village Gate; Colpix Records, 1962]
  6. Jacki BiardChandra [from Sunshine of My Soul; Prestige, 1967]
  7. Michael Garrick SextetSecond Coming [from Journeys in Modern Jazz (1965-1972); Decca, 2021]
  8. Collin Bates Trio – Brew [from Journeys in Modern Jazz (1965-1972); Decca, 2021]
  9. Moses Boyd – Frontline feat Kevin Haynes & Grupo Elegua [from Displaced Diaspora; Exodus, 2018]
  10. Balaphonics Demain dés L´aube [from Spicy Boom Boom; RFI, 2021]
  11. The Afro Banda Banana & Balaphonics Unification [2021]
  12. Sean Kuti & Africa EgyptStruggle Sounds [from Night Dreamer Direct To Disc Version; Night Dreamer, 2019]
  13. Fela Kuti – Shuffering and Shmiling [from Shuffering and Shmilling; Coconut, 1978]



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