News: Notes of Excellence – Tony Haynes and The Grand Union Orchestra Receive Special APPJG Award

On the 4th of July, the 2023 Parliamentary Jazz Awards lit up and celebrated the vibrant jazz scene in the UK. Organized by the All-Party Parliamentary Jazz Group (APPJG) with support from Pizza Express Live, the awards recognised outstanding musicians, educators, promoters, jazz organizations, and more, who have made significant contributions to the growth of jazz in the country.

Among the recipients, Tony Haynes and the Grand Union Orchestra received a special APPJG Award for their remarkable contributions to music. Since its establishment in 1982, the Grand Union Orchestra has been a catalyst for change, creating compelling music projects that embrace diversity and cultural influences from around the world.

Under the visionary leadership of Tony Haynes, the Grand Union Orchestra has also emerged as a nurturing platform for budding talent. By providing opportunities for emerging artists to grow and create powerful musical experiences, the orchestra continues to inspire the next generation of jazz enthusiasts, and their recognition at the 2023 Parliamentary Jazz Awards highlights their significant impact on the jazz scene and music as a whole.

At Rhythm Passport, we are more than honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of the Grand Union Orchestra’s journey. On the 1st of September, we will have the privilege of hosting them at Woolwich Works, where they will take centre stage as the closing act of our Arsenal of Sounds music series.

You can get your tickets and find more information about the event by following THIS LINK.