News: Food Harmonies and Rhythms – Reheating Tasty Music Bits From Anthony Bourdain’s Shows (9th June 2018)

Music and food have always been a tasty pairing, which sadly features on TV screens only on rare occasions.

One of the few ‘enlightened’ TV hosts (next to brilliant chef, music lover, writer, cultural observer and a half a dozen other things) who delved into and narrated the link between notes and ingredients was Anthony Bourdain.

We will miss him and we will miss his vivid, full-flavoured and conscious storytelling, so we have decided to pay tribute to him in our way, recalling some of the best (world) music moments from his shows. 


from Parts Unknown: Morocco


from Parts Unknown: Cuba


from Parts Unknown: Budapest


from Parts Unknown: Tokyo


from Parts Unknown: Colombia


from Parts Unknown: Spain


from No Reservations: Lisbon, Portugal