Gallery: Arsenal of Sounds #5 w/ Matondology Riot & Seby Ntege Band (Woolwich Works; Friday, 3rd February 2023)

Photos by Tato Fonseca

Oh yes, we had quite some fun at the latest Arsenal of Sounds… We danced, embraced the “sacred rhythmic fire” and enjoyed amazing Afro-infused music.

But when you have the opportunity to welcome on stage two acts like Mulele Matondo’s Matondology Riot and Seby Ntege & Band, what else can you possibly expect if not an evening brimming with Afro-joy and funky, jazzy and soulful vibes?

While we can’t thoroughly recreate the exuberant energy and vibrant atmosphere of the show through words, we’ve put together a photo gallery to give you a sneak peek into what happened on Friday the 3rd of February at Woolwich Works.

Also let us seize the moment to invite you to join us, again at Woolwich Works, for the next event. On Friday the 3rd of March, Arsenal of Sounds will be reaching the Middle Eastern and Turkish shores to meet two musicians who are strengthening the diversity of the London music scene and also reinforcing its inclusivity messages, Olcay Bayir and Noga Ritter. On the day, Noga Ritter will be also leading a vocal workshop for all ages and experience levels.


- Tickets for both gig and workshop are available HERE -



Photo © Tato Fonseca