Event Preview: Bixiga 70 @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Wednesday, 18th October 2023)

Words by Jane Cocklin

The spirit of their hometown, São Paulo, comes alive when Bixiga 70 performs their exuberant style of Brazilian dirty funk and elastic groove. On the Wednesday, the 18th of October, the ten-piece horn-driven instrumental group will be taking the stage at The Jazz Cafe, infusing it with their high-adrenaline Afro-Latin influences. They are a group that draws upon centuries-old West African Caribbean rhythms while incorporating modern influences from their daily experiences in the Bixiga neighbourhood, where they both live and play.

Over the past decade, this group has established itself as one of the most acclaimed and influential proponents of Afro-Brazilian sounds. They have returned with their fifth album (out on 13/10 via Glitterbeat Records), the first in four years. Expect to be uplifted; it is infectious, potent, and filled with polyrhythms that will keep you moving.

During the last decade, the collective has also seen changes in its lineup. They felt the pressure while creating their new album, Vapor, to see if they could still capture their unique magic, but they did not disappoint. With new band members coming from different areas of Brazil, they brought fresh ideas and colors, injecting fervour and excitement into their new offerings.

Not only does this band have a loyal following, but they are also in demand for collaborations with Brazilian musical royalty. This is a gig for those who appreciate the traditional rhythms found in Brazil but enjoy a modern twist—a genuine taste of the vibrant life in a celebrated city that has welcomed waves of immigrants, as it does now.

In addition to their performance at The Jazz Cafe, you can catch Bixiga 70 in Manchester on the following day (Thursday 19/10) at The Blues Kitchen



- Tickets for the Jazz Cafe show are available HERE -