Event Preview + Playlists: Disco Tehran
@ The Jazz Cafe (London; Friday 29th March 2024)

Disco Tehran, a New York-based collective renowned for their Persian-infused dance parties, are gearing up to host a Nowruz bash—the Persian New Year and herald of spring—on the 29th of March at the Jazz Cafe in London. The night’s star is AMMAR 808, known off-stage as Sofyann Ben Youssef. He’s a Denmark-based Tunisian artist celebrated for his innovative fusion of deep TR-808 bass lines with the rich musical heritage of the Maghreb region, incorporating techno and traditional melodies from Tunisia and North Africa.

Following his exploration of traditional North African music in Maghreb United and his fusion of South Indian sounds with electronica in Global Control / Invisible Invasion, AMMAR 808 now delves into Tunisian Stambeli rituals with his latest project Super Stambeli. This new direction highlights his ongoing commitment to blending traditional rhythms with the avant-garde edge of electronic beats.

Joining AMMAR 808 at this Nowrouz celebration will be LUMA لمى, a London-based British-Iraqi DJ celebrated for her eclectic mixes that blend the punchy beats of UK club music with the intricate electronic sounds of the SWANA region. She’s is not only a DJ but also a cultural curator, hosting Habibti Nation to spotlight underground SWANA music and co-organising Keep Hush, a vibrant club night that champions inclusivity and community spirit. Adding to the eclectic vibe will be Mirza, another notable DJ set to perform at the Jazz Café. Known as an enigmatic figure in the London underground scene, Mirza is often featured in the lineup of South Asian sound purveyors The Daytimers, contributing to the event’s diverse musical mosaic.

This Disco Tehran night at the Jazz Cafe aims to evoke the spirited ambiance of 1970s Tehran discos while celebrating Nowruz’s spirit. With a lineup that traverses musical landscapes from the Middle East to South Asia, set in one of London’s landmark venues, the event promises an unforgettable journey of sound.


Tickets for the event are available HERE



To set the vibe, our good friend and Afro-SWANA sound enthusiast, Carthnage, has curated a playlist featuring some of Disco Tehran’s standout tracks and guest mixes from their Soundcloud. It’s a taste of what’s to come and the perfect way to get excited about the event.