Daily Discovery: TribalMixtura – Estalle Colorido

In this captivating live session, Buenos Aires-based TribalMixtura presents “Estalle Colorido,” a fusion of Afro-Colombian folklore and electronic elements. Recorded during their US tour at Lido Beach, Sarasota, this performance showcases the band’s remarkable ability to blend diverse musical elements.

TribalMixtura is composed of two talented musicians who have left their mark in the music scene. Falú Quilombo, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, boasts an impressive track record, having toured extensively across Latin America with renowned artists like The Skatalites, Fidel Nadal, Iluminate, and Bahiano. On the other hand, Astrópico, also known as SeBass Forero, hails from Bogotá, Colombia, and has made significant contributions to El Caribefunk. He has also ventured into the world of jazz collaborations, working with American pianist Ian Brown.

This collaboration between Falú Quilombo and Astrópico represents the culmination of their distinct musical journeys. It all began with the band’s participation in Ecstatic Dance Sarasota, where they found inspiration to create “Estalle Colorido,” a powerful and thought-provoking composition that reflects their shared passion for music and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound.

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