Daily Discovery: Sons of Viljems – Liminal (feat. Laura Loriga, Chiminyo & Elisa Ridolfi)

Sons of Viljems, a London-based duo comprised of Andrea Giommi and Nejc Haberman, merge ambient soundscapes with alt-jazz and drone elements.

Their upcoming album, Lithospheric Melodies, set to release on the 14th of March, features the single “Liminal,” which combines dub bass lines, acoustic percussion, and vocal contributions from Laura Loriga and Elisa Ridolfi.

The debut album showcases collaborations with various musicians, offering a mix of dub, jazz, and cinematic music. Lithospheric Melodies is the duo’s first release with Disasters By Choice Records, emphasising their commitment to crafting immersive soundscapes.

Listen to and get your copy of the single HERE