Daily Discovery: RAH x The Ruffcats – MoonSun

RAH & The Ruffcats have released the official video for ‘MoonSun,’ a single from their upcoming album Orile to Berlin, set for release on the 12th of July via Sonar Kollektiv.

The Berlin-based Ruffcats, renowned for their vibrant musicianship, have been a staple in the German live music scene since 2007. RAH, originally from Lagos, has become a prominent rapper and vocalist in Berlin, known for his weekly Swag Jam sessions. Their collaboration, which began with the single ‘Shifting Sands,’ culminates in this album that blends afrobeat, highlife, funk, and hip-hop.

Produced by Jochen Ströh, Orile to Berlin explores RAH’s personal and musical journey from Lagos to Berlin, featuring a variety of tracks that address both personal experiences and broader socio-political themes.”

You can listen to and pre-order the album HERE