Daily Discovery: Paola Pelosini – Gira Sete Saia

“Gira Sete Saia” is part of Brazilian artist Paola Pelosini’s latest album, O Primeiro Som Ventou, where she composed, sang, and played bass.

Produced by Pipo Pegoraro, Vitor Cabral, and Marcelo Maita, the album blends Brazilian elements with pop and jazz influences across its nine original tracks. With guest appearances by acclaimed Brazilian musicians like trumpet player Sidmar Vieira and saxophonist Cássio Ferreira, the album reflects Pelosini’s diverse musical journey.

“Gira Sete Saia” draws inspiration from Brazilian folklore and spirituality, particularly Afro-Brazilian religious practices such as Umbanda and Candomblé. In these traditions, “Gira” signifies a ceremonial dance performed to summon spiritual entities or deities. The song explores themes related to these spiritual practices, including rituals, mysticism, and the human connection to the divine.

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