Daily Discovery: Ocean Waves Brasil – Exu

In early 2021, Italian record producer Carlo Variola founded Ocean Waves Brasil in Natal, Northeast Brazil, to record local Candomblé ceremonies. The project blends traditional Afro-Brazilian spiritual music with electronic production techniques, exploring the roots of Candomblé and its influence on contemporary trance music.

The debut single from Ocean Waves Brasil, remixed by British DJ and producer Moodymanc, spotlights Exu’s pivotal role as both guardian and mediator, celebrating his connection between humans and deities. Exu embodies patience, order, discipline, and aspects of male sexuality and fertility.

Featuring local Candomblé practitioners, the project brings authenticity to the sound. Their work intersects with anthropology and ethnomusicology, delving into the integration of Orixás’ spirits into daily life.

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