Daily Discovery: Moreira Chonguiça – Ndzakurhandza/I love you

Moreira Chonguiça is an acclaimed Mozambican jazz saxophonist, composer, producer, and a prominent figure in the world of innovative African jazz.

With eight award-winning albums, his latest, Sounds of Peace, released in November 2022, explores Mozambique’s musical traditions within jazz, celebrating the diversity of African cultures influenced by the rhythmic sway of jazz.

Inspired by legends like Miles Davis and Fela Kuti, Moreira’s contemporary compositions resonate across the globe, enhanced by his distinctive sound, saxophone skills, and passionate stage presence.

Sounds of Peace reflects his personal journey and is a celebration of peace, diversity, and collaboration in the face of today’s challenges.

“Ndzakurhandza​/​I love you”, which is sung in Changana (a Bantu language spoken by the Tsonga people), is the fourth single extracted from the album and it’s dedicated to “all who know or have known love”.

Listen to and get your copy of Sounds of Peace HERE