Daily Discovery: Mister Leu & the Nyabinghers – Hornet Ska

Based in the Pyrénées Orientales, Mister Leu & the Nyabinghers are a collective of musicians deeply immersed in Jamaican music from the 60s and 70s, spanning ska, reggae, rocksteady, and calypso. Led by David, aka Mister Leu, they showcase their versatility through performances ranging from solo to big band arrangements.

Their debut album, Born to Reggae, initially released in 2019 and later reissued on vinyl in 2021, received acclaim for its semi-acoustic sound reminiscent of 60s Jamaica. With notable opening acts like Calypso Rose, Max Roméo, Touré Kunda, and Sona Jobarteh, they’ve gained recognition in the French music scene.

Their latest album, Born to Skank, continues their exploration of ska, featuring tracks paying tribute to influential figures such as Rico Rodriguez and Lloyd Knibb. Among these, “Hornet Ska” particularly shines, recorded in a big band style evocative of Jazz Jamaica.

You can find more info and listen to Born to Skank HERE