Daily Discovery: Marthe – Au-dessus Du Feu (Live au Ciel, Grenoble)

Marthe is a boundary-pushing jazz quartet with roots in both France and Greece. With three albums behind them, the musicians are ready to present their latest eponymous EP. Marthe’s sound draws from the diverse heritage of the musicians, including Aramean roots and a deep connection to Eastern Europe.

With one of their founders hailing from Greece, a historical bridge between East and West, their music is inspired by the rich traditions of Asia Minor and the Balkans, blending spirituality and power with a touch of “Old France”.

The band’s core was formed by Florent Briqué, an eclectic trumpeter, and Alexis Moutzouris, a versatile multi-instrumentalist of Greek descent. Alexis introduced the bouzouki to the repertoire, blending diverse musical influences. He also brought in Lucas Territo on guitar & bass and Damien Bernard on drums, forming a rhythm section that anchors Marthe’s dynamic and refined sound.

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