Daily Discovery: Lee Fry Music – Wadadayda

Italian producer Roberto ‘Orde’ Casetta, known as Lee Fry Music, presents his latest single “Wadadayda,” which translates to “my way” in Somali. This track features a unique blend of genres, including reggae rhythms, Brazilian percussion, electronic sounds, and African vocal samples, creating a lively and danceable beat.

The cover art, inspired by the Somali flag, features a blue background and star decorations, emphasising the cultural connection of the track.

Casetta’s musical journey began with a passion for reggae, inspired by Bob Marley’s music. Over the years, he has expanded his repertoire to include electronic, folk, and indie music, always embracing a “without borders” approach. His work includes organising events, producing music for theatrical productions, and collaborating with various artists.

You can listen to and download of the single HERE