Daily Discovery: Ines Loubet – Sab Sabim feat. Peu Meurray

Inês Loubet‘s ‘Sab Sabim’ reflects her upbringing in Porto, Portugal, amidst a Cape-Verdean musician community, tackling the racism they endured. The song, set to the Cape-Verdean coladera rhythm, features musicians like Peu Meurray on percussion, Jake Burgess on sax, and Marcelo Andrade on accordion.

Loubet, who is active in the London music scene and a member of the group Caravela, is set to release her first album Senga through Albert’s Favourite in May. The album explores a variety of subjects including nature, journeys, loss, and femininity, blending elements of jazz, Latin music, Tropicalia, and Portuguese heritage. Her work, inspired by her time in Portugal, Brazil, and London over a period of five years, serves as a call for change and solidarity.

You can listen to and pre-order the album HERE